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Dear Friends and Fellow Members,

With almost 30 years of involvement with Texas Longhorns, I am confident that my experience, both personal and professional, speaks volumes for my candidacy as President of the International Texas Longhorn Association. My passion for Texas Longhorn cattle runs deep and has afforded my family and me many opportunities within the industry. My association with Texas Longhorns began as a family affair in 1977, and continues to be so as both of my grown daughters, Meagan and Kendall, consistently participated in the youth program and enjoyed many years in the show arena. I am proud, and grateful, that in their respective years of eligibility each daughter was awarded the Tim Cline Memorial Scholarship

After graduating from Texas Christian University in Ranch Management, I managed the Texas Longhorn ranches of LS Ranches, Inc. Crowley, Texas, J.B. Hunn's Choice Acres Ranch, Celina, Texas and consulted for Dr. Marvin Overton's Loma Parda Ranch in Watrous, New Mexico. In 1987 I began a career with Alcon Laboratories Inc. Fort Worth, Texas, a fortune 500 company where I continue today

Currently my ITLA positions include At Large Director #5, Advertising Committee Chairman, and Building Committee Member. My past positions include Chairman of the 2004 and 2005 ITLA Convention and Championship Show, Past Director of the North Texas and Oklahoma Texas Longhorn Breeders Association, Past Director of the Metroplex Texas Longhorn Association, and Past President of the North Texas and Oklahoma Texas Longhorn Youth Association.
I have been actively involved in the show circuit, in support of affiliate associations, and was the recipient of High Point Region Awards in 1996, 1998, 2001, 2002, 2004, and was exhibitor of International Champions in 1998, 2002, 2004, and 2005. For many years as an ITLA approved judge, I have enjoyed traveling the country meeting Texas Longhorn enthusiasts and judging our great breed.

It is my desire to lead this organization while working closely with the ITLA Officers and Directors as we establish a new permanent headquarters under ITLA ownership. I will endeavor to assure a seamless transition into the new headquarters without any disruption of service. I will seek to increase membership and member participation through activities and programs such as New Breeder Seminars, Profit Seminars, Youth Camps, and Judging Clinics. I will work closely with our affiliates to address their needs and strengthen their well-being. I will strive to develop a campaign to increase public awareness of the health benefits of the Texas Longohrn in the lean beef, low cholesterol market.

Consistency, involvement, and growth are my key goals as President of the International Texas Longhorn Association. If elected to this position, I will commit my time, service, and experience to this prestigious organization. I will uphold the International Texas Longhorn Association's mission, purpose, and promotion of the Texas Longhorn breed of cattle.


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