Metroplex Texas Longhorn Association
Election Ballot 2002

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Below are the official nominations for officers and directors for Metroplex Texas Longhorn Association for the year 2002. Please make your vote and submit it to the address at the bottom of the page by March 1, 2002. Thank you for your vote.

PRESIDENT __________
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VICE PRESIDENT r__________
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SECRETARY __________
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TREASURER __________
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Rusty Hollingsworth2004 Kim Hollingsworth2004
Rick Baldwin2004 Joan Baldwin2004
John Hodges2004 Darrell McClanahan2004
Randy Ingle2004 Donna Bridges2003
Maritza Andrews2003 Sabina Knoerr2003
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Mail To: Dyann Foster - Rt. 1 Box 72 - Deport, Texas 75435