Find Photos of Famous Longhorn Bulls

Here are some of the bulls
that we were able to use last
year on our cows. Thanks to
everyone that let us use their bulls.

Click on the pictures of the bulls
for a larger view of them.

We recently leased Super Star from Gilbert Vickers to cover our Jan - Apr cows. He won Reserve Grand Champion at the 98 ITLA Show, and won the Legacy Award both years that he showed. He has great size and horn, and a lot of height. We are expecting to have some good calves out of him in January 2001.

This was our first bull, by Impacts Trilogy. We sold him because he was too closely bred to some of our heifers, but we got some good calves out of him from our other cows.

Lucky is Bart May's new bull. He ranked #3 (total horn) in the Longhorn Journals recent survey of the longest horned bulls, and was measured at over 65" of horn for the survey. We have one calf by him now.

Trilogy was Bart May's old bull. We have several cows and calves that were bred to him. He was sold to a dairy breeder I believe.

We bought a couple of cows that had been bred to Larry Smith II bull, Over Ruler. We got an excellent calf from him, "Firecracker", who started out winning her first time in the ring.

"Stormy" is Jim and April Whaley's grulla bull. He was one show away from being a steer, but at McKinney he won Reserve Champion. After that he won show after show, and ended up as High Point bull for 1999 in the nation. I bred my grulla heifer to him, and 3 other cows as well. They hit the ground starting in Aug. 2000.

We bought a cow that was bred to Sudden Impact, and have two calves by him, but didn't keep either of them.

We brought Fugitive down from Johnny & Nita Weger's ranch in November 2000 to cover several of our cows. He's a double Bail Jumper baby, with lots of size and horn. I can hardly wait to see what improvements he will make to our herd. Calves are expected from him in September 2001.

Panther Creek Ranch donated a heifer calf to us that is by Mr. Shameless and PC Classy Queen. Mr. Shameless has Jet Jockey , Bail Jumper, and Texas Ranger JP in his lineage, so I can't wait to see what kind of calves his daughter will throw.

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