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Youth Camp 2001
This year's camp was a great success. We had 27 kids and 19 adults that showed up for the camp. We got started at 10:00 with a nutritionist from Purina Mills, Chad Brown. He gave a talk about the different feeds, and the cows digestive system. After that, our vet from Animal Health & Medical, Dr. Jeff Shall, gave a talk about common health problems and treatments, gestation periods, feed rations, and general care.
We took a short break for a hot bowl of chili and all the fixins, and then the kids worked with Raelynn and Bart and their animals while MTLA held a board meeting to discuss the upcoming show. During the meeting, a presentation was made to Dad, Stephanie, and myself from all of the families that have kids that show for the ranch. They presented us with a plaque thanking us for providing a place for them to keep their cattle, and for helping take care of them. It was totally unexpected, and a very appreciated gesture.
After the kids received instructions in showmanship, ring etiquette, and handling their calves, we took a break and had some games for the youth. Dinner was started with hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, and then it was time for the big bon-fire. The kids surprised Lorin Henderson with a birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday to her as her birthday was coming up on Tuesday. We had temps in the 70's earlier in the week, but it had been cold all day with a slight wind to boot. Everyone was ready for the bon-fire by this time. The kids roasted marshmallows, and then several of us went on a late night hike to a lone prarie grave in the field across the road. For some reason, there was a lot of screaming on the way back home.
The younger boys had a rambunctious pillow fight up in the loft of the barn, which not only generated a bit of heat, but spent a lot of energy they had saved up from being in class all day. There were no clear winners, but they had a blast. Soon it was lights out as the bon-fire dwindled down a bit.
The next morning, Raelynn held the ITLA Youth Elections, and the following were elected to offices for the 2001 year.

Danielle Andrews - President
Stephanie Carrington - Vice President
Jessica Shinneman - Secretary
James Osterbuhr - Treasurer

Raelynn worked with some of the newer kids to help them with halter breaking and then it was time to take some photos before everyone got ready to depart.

We would like to thank everyone that helped out with this year's camp to make it a success. ITLA and MTLA both helped sponsor this year's camp, and the Shinneman's donated money to help with food and supplies. For all of the parents that stayed and helped with the kids and preparing food, your help is greatly appreciated.

FRONT ROW - Ty Parker, James Osterbuhr, Danielle Andrews, Stephanie Carrington, Jonathan Holloway, Justin Lewis, Elias Daniels Taylor Parker SECOND ROW - Aaron Hyde, Kurt Knoerr, Tanner Parker, Justin Bridges, Sean Knoerr, Marc Knoerr, Devin Bingham, Jermaine Holloway, Kenny Bingham BACK ROW - James Bridges, Beth Ann Hyde, Brandee Baldwin, Lorin Henderson, Jessica Shinneman

More Photos Coming Soon

Group Photo ITLYA Officers
Group Photo Stephanie
Youth Elections Pillow Fight
Playing Cards Danielle, James & Kristi

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