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Youth Camp 2002
We were blessed with fairly good weather this year for the camp, despite a severe wind (dust) storm that struck us Sunday during Team Judging.

Saturday we started off the camp with guest speakers Tracie Rushton from Poston Feed Mill who gave instructions on proper feed rations and the benefits of the different feeds on the market. That was followed by a question and answer discussion with our local vet, Dr. Jeff Schall, who covered general health concerns.

This year, we had sponsors for T-Shirts for the youth. Poston Feed Mill, and Coyote Designs partnered up to provide the T-Shirts for us at a very reasonable price. The camps are free to all youth, so we depend on sponsors to help us keep it that way. In addition to our T-Shirt sponsors, we received sponsorships from our affiliate, MTLA, the ITLA, and generous members Craig Buchanan and Paul & Fran Rudisill. Other members who volunteered their time and support include, Brad & Robin Hancock, Dana & Sabina Knoerr, John & Maritza Andrews, Gilbert Vickers, and Linda & Emond White. Our success would be impossible without their support.

After that, the kids broke up into groups with ITLA instructors Bart May, and Raelynn Stephens. They covered the usual topics like showmanship, halter breaking, cattle evaluation etc., and Bart included some marketing skills where the kids were given a chance to market their calves to prospective "buyers".

For dinner, we had a fried chicken dinner planned, and new members Paul & Fran Rudisill picked up the tab for the entire group. We had plenty of food to go around, and then everyone got ready for the big bon fire. Some of the kids retired to the barn for board and card games while others relaxed around the bon fire and made smores.

Sunday morning was kinda chilly, and everyone was eager for breakfast. The kids turned in their Team Judging results from our photo classes, and then broke up into judging teams to evaluate three classes of live animals. Donny Heinze came to help us with the Team Judging event, and with three ITLA judges on hand, the results of the photo classes resulted in a very interesting, and different evaluations of the entries. We made it through the dust storm and got everyone ready to go back home.

FRONT ROW - Mitchell May, Bradley Wisdom, Lathan Gibson, Tessa May, Lorin Henderson, Beth Hyde, Trevor Pierce, Michael Jones, Instructor-Raelynn Stephens, Marc Knoerr SECOND ROW - Aaron Hyde, Justin Lewis, Elias Daniels (back) Seth Pierce, Kurt Knoerr, Sean Knoerr, Justin Bridges, Elisabeth Jones, Patrick Kotar, Nick Rudisill, Zachary Anglin, Audrey Anglin, Buddy Hancock BACK ROW - James Bridges, Host-John Ingle, Brandee Baldwin, Stephanie Carrington, Instructor-Bart May, Emily Purcell, Chaise Cooper, Blake May, Kristi Heinze, Ryley McCullar

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